Q. I am concerned about winter and snow clearing. Will my service be able to plow and shovel snow off my paving stone drive and walk?

A. No problem, snow is easily removed with a shovel, snow blower or plow. Some snowplow scuffing may occur during the freeze-thaw cycle. Since the pigment of the pavers is throughout, any scuff should disappear within a few months. An alternative is to consult your plowing service about using a polyurethane blade. Though not essential, a polyurethane blade can all but eliminate any scuffing or potential for rust deposits from old metal blades.

Q. Will I have to worry about grass or weeds growing in my paving stone surface?

A. Properly installed paving stones don’t hold moisture and naturally resist weeds and grass. Some weeds occasionally germinate between the pavers from wind-blown seeds lodged into the joints. They do not grow from the bedding sand or base. Weeds can be eliminated with the use of herbicides and controlled by maintaining a clean paver surface

Q. Will ants be a problem with my new paving stone courtyard?

A. If you have an ant problem now, you may expect them to try to move in on your new walk or driveway. To eliminate ants use an organic insecticide such as Organocide. Sealers work well too; not only do they control ants but also prevent weeds and stabilize the joint sand